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Asepso Soap was first developed by the Edward Cook Company in London in the 19th Century.It was one of the first "antiseptic soaps" and soon became synonymous with alleviating skin infections, reducing bacteria on the skin and most importantly, in the early 1900's with the of expansion and development in tropical areas, the alleviation of the effects of prickly heat.


The brand remains to this day true to its original purpose i.e. an antiseptic soap for all the family. It's unique properties protect and cool the skin, particularly in hot climates.


Features & details

Asepso Plus is the best dual active anti-bacterial soap and it is helpful against Prickly Heat, Skin Rash and Acne.It contains dual antibacterial ingredients (Triclocarban 1.5%w/w and Triclosan 0.5%w/w).It is a mild soap proven to help relieve and control prickly heat, skin infections and spread of harmful germs. Use AsepsoTM+ Bar Soap to feel healthy, fresh and clean every day. Product expires 5 years after the manufacturing date under normal storage conditions.Suitable and recommended for frequent use. 80 gr. / each