“Public access defibrillation is very effective in certain cases of cardiac arrest outside of hospital."

AEDs are important because they strengthen the Chain of Survival. They can restore a normal heart rhythm in victims of sudden cardiac arrest. ... When a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, their chance of survival decreases by 7% to 10% for each minute that passes without defibrillation.

Essential Safety: The 5 Reasons Your Company should have an AED

The AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) was introduced to the public over thirty years ago, designed to administer a potentially life-save electric jolt to the failing heart of a victim in order to restore a regular rhythm. The fact that most of us spend a large portion of our days within the work place makes it increasingly likely that if we were to suffer from cardiac arrest, we would do so when carrying out our regular occupational duties. Having an automated external defibrillator available within the site, office or location in which you work, could assist in saving someone’s life. The following list details five reasons why every company should have an AED.**

1. Learning how to use one is easy – Anyone can use an AED with proper training

In the case of an emergency, absolutely anyone in your staff can learn to use an AED to potentially save another person’s life, this includes everyone from the receptionist, warehouse workers, mail-room clerk, or even the CEO of the company. By having one available within your workplace, a company allows their employees the opportunity to increase their safety by ensuring that something can be done immediately, if a cardiac incident were to take place. Training is simple and is often provided from the same company you purchase the AED from.

2. Cardiac arrests are sudden, and often fatal

Heart attacks can happen at any time, without warning, with studies showing that almost 400,000 thousand sudden cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals every year. They happen when the electric impulses within the heart become chaotic and erratic, causing the heart to stop beating, or when the blood supply to a portion of the heart muscle becomes blocked. These events can almost always be fatal if they are not treat with life-saving shocks from an AED and proper CPR.

3. Chances of survival fall with every wasted minute

After someone has suffered from a cardiac arrest, their chances of survival begin to diminish by 7-10% with every minute that passes. Although you may feel as though waiting for a professional to use an AED is a safer course of action, the reality is that the quicker an AED is used along with proper CPR, the more likely that a regular heartbeat rhythm can be restored. Having a readily accessible AED within a companies building could give the victim the best possible chance of survival.

4. You can’t make things worse by using an AED

It is important to remember that attempting to use an AED will not cause any damage to the victim, as the machine will read the electrical system of the casualty and only deliver a shock when necessary. This means you don’t have to worry that your attempt to save a colleague’s life could make the situation worse.

5. It’s always better to be prepared

Similarly to individuals who install fire extinguishers in the office, they may never experience a fire at work for as long as they work there, but having the tools there to deal with the incident is necessary in case of an emergency. Having an AED at your company will mean that you are prepared to save someone’s life should the worst happen.

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