Diabetes is Hard. Getting Help shouldn't be.

 70 percent of Africans living with diabetes or pre-diabetes do not know it.

Chances are that you or someone you love is affected by the disease and this is the reason we must all continue the fight.

A Type 2 Diagnosis: Nothing to be worried about!

We put your donations to work by helping people with diabetes in local communities in Africa live healthier lives.


Our mission is to draw your attention to the Primary Healthcare challenges on the African continent with Diabetes and Infant Mortality as the focus point of #UkampalaHealthcare.


#UkampalaHealthcare Primary Healthcare Investment fund (UKAM-PH Fund)

We need more Individuals like yourself to buy into the #Ukampala, let's Grow Africa vision by ordering and wearing our #Ukampala wristbands. It's a win-win for the beneficiaries in Africa and for we UK Citizens. 

We will be doing our quarter to help create a life worth living on the African continent, which will go a long way in helping curb illegal migration to the West, but more importantly we will be adding years to life.

From each wristband unit you buy, we raise £5. We have a huge mountain to climb to raise the target minimum of £350,000 required for us to kick start our Primary Healthcare project in 🇳🇬  Nigeria and Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 by the 1st of September 2021. We believe that with your support we will meet and surpass our minimum target long before then.

"If we are the bridge for others to cross into a better life; we will get walked on", but guess what? It will be worth it, for true leaders serve people and their best interest.


Help us add years to life.

Be a 'true leader', be counted amongst the people that will help us raise £350,000 and a lot more.

#Ukampala Ltd: We are a for-profit-private-ltd-liability-company looking to raise over £350,000 of Social CAPITAL through this Crowdfunding model for Investment in #UkampalaHealthcare Primary Healthcare Projects (UKAM-PH) 3 Sub-Saharan African Countries (2021 - 2025), Nigeria, Malawi, Sierra Leone.

For the Take-off of our #UkampalaHealthcare PH Projects to scale in these three countries, we need to raise a minimum of £350,000 investable pool of funds on or before the 1st of August 2021.

Our Target is to sell more than 80 thousand units of our #Ukampala Branded T-Shirts and Wristbands in 12 months.

Infant Mortality Rates per 1,000 births:

* Malawi: 38.5

* Nigeria: 63.3

* Sierra Leone: 81.7

* United Kingdom: 3.9

* Japan: 1.8

With your help we can sell One more wristband, and raise £5 more. With your support , we can raise £1m pounds. Every day counts, every £ counts, every life counts.

#Ukampala, we are Africa! Let's Grow Africa!

Why Raise Social Investment Funds from the Public through such unconventional method as the sale of ordinary household items?

Yes! Finances are tough for all of us, especially at this time of year (Covid-19 Pandemic, Recession and all). We want you to know that we understand all the sentiment that could be unearthed and thrown up concerning the soliciting of investment funds direct from the public, be it for social, life saving work. We really do.

But here’s something you may not know:

We have asked God for direction. Absolutely. We ask for His help and provision all the time, and He answers all the time. But, the way He answers is through people. He answers our prayers though people in whom He dwells. He answers through you. He whispers into the hearts of some number of His creation - you and I, and you will help us bring this vision to pass with cheerful hearts.

We love that! It’s how things are supposed to work in our community. We’re made to need each other. But here’s the thing: none of you are mind-readers. You would have no idea of our needs if we hid them. It would be easier, honestly, to hide them; and indeed for 8 years we struggled to do it on our own. Having gone through it and survived with minimal impact; God is saying to us, 'there is a better way' and the experience of the past 8 years shall not be buried not put to waste.

We like sharing this honest and vulnerable SHOP4IMPACT request less than you enjoy getting them. But we choose honesty and vulnerability because they are the very lifeblood of any Community.

So, here’s some more: We wish that we could do all that our hearts plan without having to ask you to buy our wristbands. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet found a way to do that. Believe you me, it hasn't been for lack of trying.

But here’s what we have found a way to do: we know how to build teams to work in local communities. We've learnt the process growing micro and small businesses in communities normally avoided by the big conglomerates. We work hard and bring out the best in our teams. And here’s something else we’ve found a way to do: we know how to be careful stewards of the investment funds entrusted on us, keeping our expenses—people, marketing—as lean as possible; while adding immense value to host communities.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t need your support. We do. Frankly, our #UkampalaHealthcare vision may not be birthed without the investment you will be making by your SHOP4IMPACT purchase.

We hope the information has been helpful, and we will be getting many orders from you shortly.

And know this: whether you’ve already chosen to support us, or whether you choose to support us now (and we really hope you do!), you are a vital part of this vision. We love YOU. And, again, we’re committed to adding years to life in communities that have come to take it for granted that Diabetes is a killer disease and that over 50 out of every 1,000 children must die for no apparent and preventable reason before the age of 5.

With sincerity and gratitude,

Adim Udeh, founder-C.E.O Ukampala
#Ukampala, let's Grow Africa!


You are reading this SHOP4IMPACT Appeal because you Care and indeed can make a difference to lives across the African Continent. Join us on this journey, let's add years to life, to some who are not fortunate to have the Guarantees that the NHS provide us, nor the astute and progressive leadership that democratic governance in the UK assures.

This UKAM-PH Investment Fund is Social Capital raised from you the public for the development of Primary Healthcare facilities and projects to be run in a for-Profit and Sustainable Model in the following countries in Africa: Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Malawi by Ukampala Ltd a UK registered limited Liability Company.

Our C.E.O, Adim Udeh, the founder of Ukampala set out to Nigeria after 12 years of experience working as a Pharmacist in the NHS on the 2nd of May 2012 on a 7 years Mission trip for Impact in the Primary Healthcare sector in Nigeria. He founded Help-Beat-Diabetes Care. An organisation that over 8 years transformed lives and revolutionised the management of diabetes care in many rural communities. 

He returned to the UK on the 1st of May 2019 with a resolve to harness his over 20 years experience both in the UK and Nigeria by going back to Africa to make phenomenal impact in Societies that have otherwise been abandoned by the government and indeed humanity.

Diabetes is Hard. Getting Help Shouldn't be!

Driving into the abyss is scary. At first, it may feel like you are falling. But then you experience the Exhilaration. Freedom to transform lives. New possibilities and dreams. You learn that;

"Living with fear stops us taking risks, and if we don't go out on the branch you are never going to get the best fruit". - Sarah Parish



The Help Beat Diabetes Care Centre in Nigeria exists to provide individuals living with diabetes access to high quality, affordable and accessible resources to help them to manage their care. 

Since 2013, many have utilized Help Beat Diabetes Care Centre services when in need of unaffordable medication, education programs and information about where to find local resources to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid complications that arise if left untreated.  The Help Beat Diabetes Care Centre serves clients of all ages, with all types of diabetes, who live in Ilorin, Nigeria. 

The Help Beat Diabetes Care Centre works tirelessly to provide those impacted by diabetes with access to medication and supplies, one-on-one support and tips and resources to help ensure they maintain a healthy life-style and avoid complications that arise if left untreated.


The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, diabetes will be the 7th highest cause of death. In Kwara State, tens of thousands have been diagnosed with the disease and that number is growing annually; and many more are yet undiagnosed. Requests to Help Beat Diabetes Care Centre for insulin, testing kit supplies and medication have more than tripled over the last five years and the cost of medication and supplies has skyrocketed. Our staff and volunteers have experienced an increase in the number of requests for information from people in crisis, often newly diagnosed, and in need of assistance.


Through the generosity of patrons and sponsors, we want to be in a position to support thousands of people, but with the ever-increasing number of people with diabetes, we simply cannot meet the demand. We need your help.

Help Beat Diabetes Care is currently committed to providing 1,200 indigent diabetic patients with blood glucose monitoring systems annually, which if adequately utilized in the self-monitoring of blood sugar under the guidance of healthcare professionals in our Help Beat Diabetes Care program, can add as much as 10 years to a patient’s life span; in addition to tremendously cutting the risk of complications such as amputations, kidney disease, cardiovascular accidents, blindness etc.


N.B: We plan to provide hundreds of patients monthly with medication and services for the management of their diabetes at every one of our established centres. We will be looking to double this figure every year.

WHO estimates that Nigeria has about 4 million diagnosed diabetic patients and approximately 2 million people undiagnosed who are living with diabetes. Of these 6 million Nigerians over 5 million (> 80%) cannot afford self-monitoring blood glucose systems which is mandatory in diabetes management.

In developed countries diabetic patients get these kits free (either funded by the government or health insurance). In Nigeria, with approximately 70% of the populace living below the poverty line, with health budgets overstretched. 

N.B: Diabetes does not discriminate; Rich or Poor / Young or Old / Man or Woman.


Make a donation:

At Help Beat Diabetes Care our mission is to empower our peoples with diabetes to improve their quality of life with information and tools that can add as much as ten years to their life span. We need your help to make this mission a reality.

On average it costs about £100 to provide a diabetic patient with an Glucose Monitoring System Starter Kit (an indispensable aid in the monitoring and control of their blood glucose), and a full year’s supply very basic medication. 

Our 2020/21 goal is to raise enough money to expand and consolidate on the gains over the years in supporting diabetic patients ease the distress placed on families by the physical, financial and emotional impact of the disease by offering educational/counseling services, and making blood glucose testing, diabetes medication FREE at Help-BEAT Diabetes Care Centre.


Join us today to win the war against diabetes in our local communities in all across Nigeria. One in Two people with diabetes in Nigeria do not know they have it. We have been caring for Diabetic Patients in the Ilorin metropolis since 2013; with your support, our capacity to save lives is greatly expanded.

“Help-BEAT Diabetes” is an Initiative birthed on the International Diabetes Federation (IDF)/WHO‟s “World Diabetes day” 2015.

The marveling thing about the “World Diabetes Day” is that it is a day that lasts all year round. For our family, friends and neighbors with diabetes, there is no day off. It is a lifelong disease.

At Help-BEAT Diabetes Care Centre; we have donated/supplied  free Blood Glucose monitors to Community Hospitals via the Kwara State Ministry of Health and to indigent Diabetic patients. The tools we provide and the healthcare advice and support we give can;

  •  Add as much as 10 years to a patient’s life span
  • Save the patient from blindness and limb amputations
  • Reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular ailments like stroke and heart attacks
  • Avoid the often unaffordable healthcare bills in managing kidney failures etc.

    The horrible consequence of poorly managed diabetes is not far from any one of us..... 

    “20 years ago, my dad’s‟ diabetes was diagnosed by sugar ants in a Federal Medical Centre in Nigeria, several days after he was admitted after having suffered a cardiovascular stroke. He lived thirteen glorious years after that incident”

    We (Help-BEAT Diabetes Care) have attended scores of Diabetes Clinics in hospitals across Nigeria, a country where we find that greater than 80% of patients can neither afford a glucometer (an essential tool in the self-monitoring and management of diabetes) nor afford the regular medicines required for disease management. 

    In the local communities we found that medication non-compliance due to poverty, ignorance of the basic self-management skills, local traditions and beliefs is costing families and society dearly.

    To count the scheme as successful, we hope to support tens of thousands of diabetic patients in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Malawi annually.  We will provide the tool kits, medicines and services through the Help-BEAT Diabetes Care Centers. 


    We ask a free will donation. Make the right choice; Help us BEAT Diabetes in Nigeria.

    Give with Confidence:

    Diabetes is the largest & fastest growing health challenge of our time. We are passionate about diabetes care in communities around the world, especially in Africa, and are partnering with You to make help available to indigent diabetic patients in the community.

    At Help-BEAT Diabetes our mission is to empower our peoples with diabetes to improve their quality of life with information and tools that can add as much as ten years to their life span. We need your help to make this mission a reality.

    N.B: Your impact investments to support Help-Beat-Diabetes whether as an individual or a corporation are not silent donations. By making an Impact Donation to Help-Beat Diabetes in our local community, you belong to a very rare group who need to be exalted as an example to the world.


    What your impact donation can do: 

    • Pay for Blood Glucose Starter Kit containing 1 monitor, 100 30G Lancets, and a pack of 25 Test Strips - 1 Patient Starter Pack Donation
    • Pay for a Blood Glucose Starter Kit + Extra packs of Test Strips (6 x 25) & Lancets (3 x 100) - 1 Patient Full Year Supply Donation
    • We fund a Full Year supply of basic diabetes medication (1): Metformin 500mg and Glibenclamide 5mg + Supplements.
    • We fund a Full Year supply of basic diabetes medication (2): Metformin 500mg/Gliclazide 80mg + Supplements.
    • A 50% discount will be applied to INSULIN supplies to patients on the scheme.
    • A FREE all year round Support from the Professionals at Help-Beat-Diabetes Care Centre – Medication Reviews, Diabetes Education, Diet Advice etc.



    We do realize that fundraising Social Capital for Public Health Projects as this raise questions with some and we would like to answer them.

    Although we are a for-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our donors to fund our work to fight against diabetes by providing free care and drugs to the indigent in our local communities, helping people live healthier lives.

    The value of a gift cannot be underestimated. These donations allow us to fund the purchase of drugs and the provision of Free Blood Glucose checks; in addition to other crucial programs and services and advocating for change.