World Diabetes Day 2021: You Can Make a Difference!

Access to Diabetes Care: If Not Now, When?

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Diabetes is Hard. Getting Help shouldn't be! 

It is poignantly sad that too many are struggling 😪 with the management of Diabetes in our local communities.

Mr. Omotosho Samuel, a retiree of the General Hospital in Kwara State, who was diagnosed diabetic over 2 years ago, until he was brought in to Famedix Pharmacy by one of our regular clients had not been placed on a treatment plan, nor his blood sugar level ever been checked. 

Listen to this Diabetes-In-The-Community Interview and you'll begin to understand why Famedix Pharmacy is passionate about her Help-Beat-Diabetes Mission. 

N.B: The 1st video was an impromptu recording. We got the permission of the Client to interview, but found he was too fragile to speak up. 

Ukampala-Famedix's, Diabetes Care Project Africa 2021-25: Halt The Diabetes Epidemic Campaign kicks off on Monday 31st of January 2022.

Our Primary Mission is "Supporting Diagnosed Pre-Diabetic and Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Patients in Our Local Communities to Win the War Against Diabetes".

We will be providing every Patient Registered in our program the basic tool kits (Glucometer and Test Strips), Medicines, Diet Advice & Support; and Tests (Eye tests, Kidney Status Checks, HbA1c, etc) that will enable them live a more productive life, add as much as 10 additional years to their life span. 

N.B: If diagnosed on time, diabetes patients can live their full productive normal life span if well managed. 

The Challenge: 1 in 2 Diabetes Patients in Africa, do not know they have it; and just like my late dad, mist only get to find out they are diabetic with the incident of a Diabetes Complication such as a Stroke, Blindness, Kidney Failure, Limb Amputation etc.

Support Us. Join Hands with us by donating to Our #Diabetes Care Project Africa 2021-25: Halt The Diabetes Epidemic, designated project Bank Account: 

FCMB Bank: 7653303015 - Ukampala Ltd

Pharm. Adim, founder-C.E.O Ukampala-Famedix 

Famedix #Pharmacy, Ilorin

ARCA Santa Plaza, Offa Garage Road, Opposite UMCA, before Airforce Base, Kwara State. 


Adim, is the Diabetes-In-The-Community-Care Consultant for Famedix Pharmacy's Help-Beat-Diabetes Care Centre. A Pharmacist with over 14 years practice experience in Primary Healthcare in the United Kingdom.



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